0rigin is a next generation venture capital business built for the Digital Asset Class. The team comprises strength and experience across global capital markets through multiple economic cycles. In addition, it contains a deep and broad knowledge of system architecture, software development and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT).

Since its creation in 2018 to construct and implement resource models for DLT utilities, we have established core strategic partnerships as well as deploying multiple principal capital strategies across the DLT spectrum particularly in complex capital restructuring.

Our goal is to continue to develop and build proprietary technology, models and systems to ultimately bring Web 3.0 to a commercial reality.


Future Perfect

We take a balanced view on capital structures and models by blending centuries-old economic disciplines with innovative products and assets that are only possible as a result of the emergence of the Digital age. We use the tools that are fit for purpose to deliver the optimal economic value.

Our approach starts with the business case and results in the capital structure and instruments - not the other way around. Our codified economic systems are built on principles ranging from Adam Smith and Graham & Dodd through to game theory, network effects and machine learning.

Our views are often contrarian to those expressed by others in our markets and our investment style is active with a very long-term horizon. We prefer to be early stage and alone since we are not keen on sharing.

Top Down

We have a long-term vision of the future of capital and commercial markets through the innovations of technology and its impact on the evolution of traditional markets combined with the birth of significant new marketplaces.

Commercial logic

Value will be captured vertically in the technology stack.

Market structure

Technology driven cost deflation has a fundamental economic value to enterprise.

Efficient systems

Rational economic models will prevail despite popular talk of “Paradigm shifts” making traditional models redundant.

Bottom Up

We apply rational fundamental analysis to projects on a stand-alone basis using our proprietary models at quantitative and qualitative levels. We price convexity and optionality back into our capital allocation which allows us flexibility on our risk profile especially for early stage projects. Naturally we look for diversification benefits to our portfolio and correlation to our longer-term strategic view.


Long Term

We take significant holdings in projects with inherent structural value where we actively participate in strategy and planning

Special Situations

Similar to the above but we are more reactive to opportunities that present themselves. Typically these are restructuring situations with inadequate capital structures but strong IP and asset values that cannot be recognised in their current form.


A funding strategy capturing varying costs of capital across liquid assets and derivatives. Optimising the company’s capital position.


Our assets and inventory of DLT resources.



Worbli is built on the EOSIO code base, which we consider the premier operating system for financial market applications. Worbli was the first public blockchain to incorporate KYC into its base protocol. These were primary factors underlying our view that Worbli was a strong contender for FinTech adoption.

Our reconstruction of the EOSIO resource model for Worbli created a rational and proportional interface for resource users. Changes to voting and capital has created vertical economic circulation which removes reliance on a layer 1 horizontal pricing model and enables strong stakeholder alignment.

Through our Special Situations joint venture with Amazix Capital, we have populated the Worbli Foundation with investment banking expertise to promote and rebrand the platform away from niche DLT to a cutting edge FinTech delivery platform.



UtilityX was created and built by 0rigin to provide efficient transmission of DLT resources to meet usage demand obviating the need to access base protocol idiosyncrasies. It provides a deconstruction of Utility Tokens into their component resources which can be traded on a secondary market through non-custodial smart contracts. This facilitates low friction access and price discovery for applications seeking stable and known resource costs as well as optimising resources of the DLT systems below. An extension of this model allows 0rigin to price bilateral resource loans and capital.

In addition, UtilityX has created an innovative token protocol for transactional market applications called Virtual Proof of Work which enables applications to outsource their resource costs to third parties through a “Mining” economy. Since many projects are competing for miners’ resources, and vice versa miners are competing for rewards, this establishes a direct nexus between business model revenue capabilities and DLT resource costs allowing efficient markets to develop and mature. This will be the catalyst for enterprise and thereafter consumer adoption.